Born in Peru, Indiana, the Circus City Capital of the World, my creative life started with all the typical indications of energetic enthusiasm and curiosity. Fortunately, my parents provided an endless supply of paper with crayons, pencils and markers. Creativity flourished in those youthful years.

My high school years were blessed with wonderful teachers: Wayne Taylor, Peru and Malcolm Black, Kokomo. Beyond them of note is Suzanne Mays, who taught me watercolors in 92 & 93. She was a student of Thomas Kinkade and I hope some of his marvelous influence shows through. I painted solely watercolor for the next 10-12 years.

My artwork is sprinkled coast to coast, mostly as gifts but I have sold a little along the way. I donate to charitable causes often and museums. I do hope this web site proves profitable. I'm getting too old to peddle.

If only one word could be used to describe my style it would be "blend." I love a smooth transition between colors. In my abstracts, I even blend colors between the shapes. My style is a blend of Folk Art and Impressionism with the over-abundance of detail seen in Folk Art; more than what the natural eye could see. You won't see my signature scrawled across the bottom, either. I try to blend it into the painting. Sometimes, I can't find it.

I love nature. I love God. I believe I have His blessing to copy His work and I do try. If I will be remembered for my trees, and clouds, and water, and rocks; that would be an honor.