Landscapes . . .

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Pastel from up North, 6" x 8"

Double Love

This painting combines my two most favorite things, plant life and the beach at sunset. 18 x 24"

Grandfolks Farm

Grand Folks Farm

Grandfolks Farm is a classic to remember the homes of our youth. People share heartfelt stories as they view this painting. 16" x 28" framed $2100. Also, see products for detailed reprints of the house and barn.


Sycamore Tree

Most of this young tree's painting was done with a toddler on my lap who just wandered up to see, then got comfortable. She put her hand onto my wrist and followed my arm to the palette, to the painting and back. She also followed my gaze into the tree, often tilting her head. Darling!! Her mother came to check on her often to make sure she wasn't "bothering" me. I was in heaven; absolutely delighted at the focus and attention of this marvelous little girl. I hope to meet her again someday. I'm just sure she will be an artist! Priced framed at $840.

Sycamore detail

Detail of Sycamore

Painted at Northwest Park in Kokomo, Indiana where the trees grow so large it takes three or four children's ourstretched arms to encircle them. This young Sycamore was about three years old at the time. She stands beside the ball park at Northwest Park in Kokomo, Indiana and is tall enough these days to catch foul balls.


Framed or Unframed?


Colorful, cheerful and inspiring one to aim high. Priced at $160 or in frame pictured above at $200.

Statues at Creek

Statues at Creek

Statues at Creek 9" x 12" oil and watercolor
The statues, some rocks and some flowers are in oil. I love oil; it is so forgiving but I am a messy painter. Watercolor suits me best. Italian Cypress and Willows are such classics!
Unframed at $340.



Schoolyard 9" x 12" watercolor
Reminiscent of yesteryears.
Unframed $440